Criteria for Membership

Managing the business affairs of today's law firm requires special expertise. Among other things, the professional administrator must deal with fast-paced technological changes, management trends that contradict age-old practices, and fundamental changes in the way the practice of law is structured and conducted.

For immediate solutions to the challenges you face day after day you need the Association of Legal Administrators. Join ALA today!

Who are ALA's members and prospective members?

Regular Membership:

    “Legal management professional” shall mean any individual who is, or aspires to be, actively engaged in the management of a legal organization or dedicated to performing its management responsibilities. 

    “Legal organization” shall mean any law firm or practice, legal service clinic, corporate legal department, college or university legal department, governmental legal agency, court system, charitable legal agency, not-for-profit or nonprofit legal organization, bar association, legal consulting, alternative legal service provider, law and/or legal management educational institution or other organization that is engaged in the legal industry.

    Membership Qualifications:

    The criteria for membership in the Chapter are the same as those for membership in the Association as established by the Association in its bylaws and policies and are as follows:

    Membership may be granted to any individual who: (i) is a member in good standing of the Association; (ii) demonstrates an interest in legal administration and the management of legal organizations; (iii) is not disqualified by an affiliation with a business partner as defined herein or business partner-eligible entity; (iv) shares interest in and supports the purposes of the Chapter and Association; and (v) abides  by these bylaws, the Association’s Code of Ethics, the Association’s bylaws, and such other policies, rules, and regulations as the Chapter or Association may adopt.

      Policies governing the participation and the benefits accruing to Associate Members shall be determined from time to time by the Board or, as delegated by the Board, the Executive Director.

      ALA encourages minority membership in the Association and in the profession. Please note that membership is not open to vendors or consultants.

      Disclaimer: The South Florida Chapter, Association of Legal Administrators is a separate legal entity from the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA). ALA licenses the use of its name, mark, logos and other protected properties to chapters which are in good standing. ALA disclaims all liability or responsibility whatsoever for the actions, representations and liabilities of the South Florida Chapter, Association of Legal Administrators, specifically including those of any nature whatsoever arising from or out of the content or other features related to the South Florida Chapter, Association of Legal Administrators web site. In no event shall ALA be deemed the guarantor of the South Florida Chapter, Association of Legal Administrators. Visit National for more information.

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